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Advantages of IP Telephony to Businesses.

The communication world is one of the most innovative when it comes to technology. To make our lives easier, they develop new and innovative ideas daily. Efficient, reliable and cost – efficient communication channels are in high demand and the only way to satisfy the demand is through the innovation of new methods. Business organizations suffer huge losses if their communication channels are not efficient enough.

IP Telephony is one of the most notable advances that have been made in communication. Internet Protocol telephony refers to the technologies which use the Internet Protocol packet switched connections to send and receive voice, fax and other forms of information. Before IP telephone information was sent through a dedicated circuit – switched connection of the public switched telephone network (PSTN). IP telephony carries data and voice as packets of data on lines that are shared and has no tolls as associated with public switched telephone network. Government regulation of the IP telephone is little unlike in the traditional telephone services. IP Telephony services have greatly revolutionized business communication by providing flexibility and cost reduction in communication. Some of the benefits a business can get from IP telephony include reduced charges and security.

If a business is using the hosted VOIP solution, they have access to the various IP based applications. Switching to IP telephony is not costly as there is no capital investment requirement and little is spent on infrastructure. It costs a lot less to manage and maintain VoIP hosted services compared to managing and maintaining a traditional telephone service. Both data and information are carried on a shared line in IP telephony. The cost of investing in communication infrastructure is reduced this way.

Security is another benefit that businesses get from using IP telephony. Secure routing and remote access can be done through the use of Virtual private networks even over the public network. A virtual private network ensures that the communication is as secure just like sending it over a private network. Using IP telephone also allows businesses to access features that are more advanced. With IP telephony companies can cost – effectively access features like conferencing, incoming call management, and caller ID. Most of these features are provided by the traditional corporate PBX which was more expensive than the IP telephony. With these advanced features, small businesses and even the medium ones that do not have a big budget can still have efficient communication.

IP Telephone also greatly increases the productivity of a business. The provision of several applications and devices by IP telephony enables employees to work and communicate more effectively and in effect increasing their productivity. People in different locations can effectively collaborate through communication.

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