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College Education Levels The Playing in Today’s Economy Conquering College Education For a Better

Why I insist that you need a college education in today’s economy? Today more than ever, you need some form of higher education beyond high school. It can be a one-year certificate program, an associate degree or a two-year technical degree. You want to have a piece paper that proves that you have been trained to perform a task at an acceptable level. An employer wants to see that you can start something and finish it. This is proof that you have ambition, self-discipline and the ability to persevere. If you have the ambition and the ability to pursue a four-year education, you will create a better opportunity to make more money and live a better life for the most part. I am well aware of that you can create a great income with a two-year technical degree depending on the major that you choose.

In today’s ever changing work world, you will need some form of technical training to have any chance of landing a decent paying job. With the escalating cost of living in today’s economy, a minimum wage job is not going to help you in pursuit of independent living. I am adamant that everyone who wants to live a nice life needs to pursue a college degree. Not only will a college education improve your life, but it will also improve the life of your children and the life of their children. I speak from a personal experience as a father and a grandfather.

Can a college education level the playing field for you? The only thing that can level the playing field in any society is education. For most people on this planet, the only way they can better their life is through education. In the United States (the best country in the world), anyone who wants to create a better life can by either attending a vocational/technical high school or they can attend a college/university. A college education can afford you the ability to make an income that will allow you the opportunity to live a comfortable life. How much money you will make depends on the major that you choose and your personal ambition.

Will your attainment of a college degree level the playing field for your children and future generations? The answer is YES We are all role models for our friends, our children and our grandchildren. You will be amazed at how many people you will inspire in your lifetime. By getting a college degree, you will be a role model for your children and your grandchildren. Because you went to college, it is most likely that your children will go to college, which will level the playing field for them. This is the perfect example of paying it forward because each generation will do their best to better the life of the next generation. For this reason, you will never be able to repay your parents for all that they have done for you. You can only do the same or better for your children (paying it forward).

To get more information on how you can level the playing field for you and your future generations, click on the website below to get started. copy and paste if the link is not alive

Leonel R. DaRosa, M. Ed. Guidance Counselor

Australia Education A Journey towards Knowledge

Motivating factor for the students and to avail quality, they are ready to defy distance and boundary. Emerging importance of Australia education is a proof to the fact that geographical border is not a boundary for those who eye extraordinary quality and exceptional leaning environment.

Nowadays, more and more of the students are showing interest in Australia education. It is a nation rich in cultural heritage, vibrant with bustling activities and dotted with beautiful places. The country is worth a visit for its majestic beauty, striking structures, ethnic cultures and sinful delights. Nowadays Australia is getting priority on the global canvas of education. Australia education is tempting for the flock of meritorious and ambitious students. This country with its thriving growth has become an ideal hub of scientific research and IT technology. In fact, science subjects, management courses and IT are making top priority for Australian and overseas students alike. However, in Australia education system, other courses are also offered. Unlimited choices may make you a little bit puzzled but you can get to specialize in unfamiliar domain.

A gaggle of erudite faculties is an added attraction of the A

The role of higher education requires no further assertion and iteration. It is admitted on all hands that good education is a password for success. The desire for quality education is a Australian colleges and universities. These dignitaries have wealth of knowledge and rich experience. As mentors, they help the students take timely and just decisions about their future. The students are also required to attend seminars where they get to meet other eminent academicians and industry figures. Such an opportunity surely round up their knowledge and enrich their experiences. Australian education system encourages the students to bring out their best in academics as well as extracurricular activities. The learners have free access to library which has a wide collection of books including the rare ones. Australian education system puts equal stress on both theoretical and practical learning. Hands-on training is important if you pursue computer science, management education and any lab-based subject. Being equally efficient in both aspects of education, you will surely get noticed among the crowds of the job seekers.

Higher education in Australia can be divided into three levels undergraduate, masters and PHD. Apart from these, short time certificate and diploma courses are also on offer for the students. Vocational training is available for those who want to make an early entry into the job market. So, choices are galore and you just need to take a careful decision. It is quite tough for the overseas students to get into the Australian colleges and universities. Only the meritorious students are distilled by the top-tier institutions. And then cost is also a concern for the learners. If full scholarships are not obtained, then the astronomical amount of scholastic expenses will be a burden for the students. However, student loan may be a solution in such a case. For a final entry into the Australian education arena, you need to obtain an Australian student visa. Contact Australian embassy in your country regarding visa application and processing.

About The Cfp Continuing Education

Becoming a licensed money Planner is that the best means for you to possess a robust and solid career within the money services trade. The Certified money Planner Certification is that the designation awarded by the Certified money Planner Board of Standards to those people World Health Organization were able to complete the formal CFP course program and at identical time with success passed the Certified money Planner Certification Examination. this is often a post graduate certification that’s earned by those people World Health Organization wish to more their career, apply for the next or totally different job position, aim to urge higher pay compensation, broaden their information, enhance their skills and most of all maintain with the standards of the money services trade. . The Certified money Planner Certification can imply to your potential shoppers and employers that you simply were able to earn the best level of competence, expertise and moral practices that area unit vital within the money services trade.

Once you have got earned the Certified money Planner Certification it’s vital that you simply take CFP continued education (CE) so as for you to keep up your certification. it’s important that you simply earn the desired continued education units so as for you to keep up your license and at identical time broaden your information in money services. All Certified money Planner professionals conform to closely adhere to the standards that embody any future and doable revisions that may happen within the trade. The programs that you simply are going to be attending area unit designed so as to developed and meet the continued education needs. it’s vital that you simply meet of these needs and be current to any changes and development with the standards of the trade. other than that these continued education units additionally contributes to the increasing skilled competence of Certified money Planner professionals.

You are needed to renew your CFP Certification each alternative year and you’ll be able to do this by undergoing CFP metallic element units. All CFP professionals conform to adhere to the set standards that embody any gift or future revisions at intervals the trade. you’re needed to attend programs and developed to satisfy metallic element needs. Certified money Planner professionals area unit needed to complete a thirty hours CFP continued education every reportage amount. The thirty hours continued education is created of a pair of hours of CFP Board approved Ethics metallic element and another twenty eight hours from one or a lot of the accepted subject topics. In every reportage amount you’re needed to get a pair of hours per-approved CFP Board of Ethics Program. it’s vital that you simply befits this demand as a result of this is often designed to confirm that every one Certified money Planner professionals review and stay wise of the Standards of skilled Conduct to that they solemnly adhere as a part of owning the distinguished CFP certification. that’s why taking continued education is basically important as a result of this may guarantee your standing within the money services trade.

Education System In India

Education in India has a very long history. Ancient India had the tradition of ‘Gurukuls’. Under this system students have to live at the ‘Ashram’ (abode) of the teacher and get the education. This form of the education is known as ‘Guru-Shishya Pramapara’.
At that time, education was treated as a personal concern and has not been demonstrated in mass production by the sector of modern education. The manufacture of man was considered an artistic work process and not mechanical. According to ancient India
education training the mind and thought process are essential for the acquisition of knowledge..
The formal admission ceremony was known as ‘Upanayana’. With the accomplishment of this ceremony the child had to leave his home for the ‘ashrama’ where he would receive education. It was supposed to be the re-birth of the child and was known as ‘Dvijya’, which means, “twice born”. Sanskrit was the language of teaching. It was supposed to be the language of learned men. The academies of higher learning were known as ‘Parisads’. The education system involved of three basic processes, which included ‘Sravana’, ‘Manana’ and ‘Nidhyasana’.
In the ‘Sravana’ stage of education, students received ‘shrutis’ knowledge, which was passed orally from one generation to another. The second stage was ‘Manana’ which means that pupils had to think themselves about what they have heard. They have to make their own inferences and assimilate the lesson taught by their teacher into the life. The third stage ‘Nidhyasana’ means complete comprehension of truth and its use in the life.

Among women in ancient India were given the right to education and teaching. Both women seers “Gayatri” were participants in the debates on education and the process of “Parishads.” (Assembly) was followed mainly by Brahmins Kshatriyas who have received education in Gurukul while children of lower caste family learned their craft from their parents.
Some of the most important universities in India in ancient times were Taxila, Nalanda and Vikramshila. Taxila University 7 th century BC, was famous for his studies of medicine and master of the galaxy as important as Sandwiches, a famous grammarian, Kautilya, the minister of Chandra Gupta Maurya and Charaka, the medical reputation of the teacher.

Nalanda was the highest learning center not just of India but also of the entire South Asia. Students from foreign countries like China, Japan, Korea used to come here for higher studies. It had around 10,000 students and teachers on its roll cards. The University had eight colleges. And one of the colleges had four-storied building. It was one of the earliest examples of residential cum learning complex.
Vikramshila University. Varanasi was famous for his religious teachings. Kanchi in the south was famous during the Vallabha was a university. Huan Tsang records about on par with the University of Nalanda University and Vikramshila.
India has had many great minds at work, which helped in all aspects of life. The concept of zero, decimal and the Pythagorean theorem were all developed here.
As India progressed from ancient to medieval its education system deteriorated. Various factors were responsible for the degradation of this most efficient and most ancient education system of the world.
The present educational system of India is an implantation of British rulers. Wood’s Dispatch of 1854 laid the foundation of present system of education in India. Before the advent of British
in India, education system was private one. With the introduction of Wood’s Dispatch known as Magna Carta of Indian education, the whole scenario changed. The main purpose of it was to prepare Indian Clerks for running local administration. Under it the means of school educations were the vernacular languages while the higher education was granted in English only. British government started giving funds to indigenous schools in need of help and thus slowly some of the schools became government-aided.

Reflections on the new system, introduced the Mahatma Gandhi expressed concern in the following words: “I say without fear of my figures successfully challenged, that India today is more illiterate than it was fifty or a hundred years, and is in Burma, as the British administrators, when they came to India, instead of taking hold of things as they were, began to root them out. They scraped the ground and began to look the root, leaving the root of such and the beautiful tree perished. The village schools are not good enough for the British administrator, as he left with his program. Each school must have so much paraphernalia, building, etc. . Well, there was no such schools at all.
Today education system in India can be divided into many stages.
Pre- Primary – It consists of children of 3-5 years of age studying in nursery, lower kindergarten and upper kindergarten. At this stage student is given knowledge about school life and is taught to read and write some basic words.
Primary – It includes the age group of children of 6-11 years studying in classes from first to fifth.
Middle – It consists of children studying in classes from sixth to eighth.
Secondary – it includes students studying in classes ninth and tenth.
Higher Secondary – Includes students studying in eleventh and twelfth classes.
Graduate – Here, a student goes through higher education, which is completed in college. This course may vary according to the subject pursued by the student. For medical student this stage is of four and a half years plus one year of compulsory internship, while a simple graduate degree can be attained in three years.
Postgraduate – After completing graduation a student may opt for post graduation to further add to his qualifications.

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